Rude - Oh Wow! Miracle Cream, 50Ml 1.69Oz / 50Ml

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Description: Skin shield lotion just for the tired and sensitive skin! Hydrating and calming, Oh! Wow Miracle Cream helps to protect skin out of green damage, will help strengthen skin's moisture barrier, as well as can help to fix skin ailments including inflamed, flat, or perhaps skin which is dried out. Ideal for the majority of skin types. The way to use: After using your when 1 day Oh! Wow Miracle Toner, use Oh! Wow Miracle Cream all around to moisturize and also smooth skin directlyto life. Could also be used right onto skin issues to enhance the entire look and feel as well as to encourage healthy and balanced, healthy skin. Take out through the day as involved or even as a day moisturizer.