Shu Uemura - Chromatics Eyeshadow Palette Limited Edition - 3 Types

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An eye shadow palette which has been estimated by artists to ensure you are able to quickly delight in blends with no hesitation. Blend of base style (upper), icon & nuance color (middle), as well as fastening the color (lower). You are able to like the appearance as you want by pairing the adjacent colors diagonally and vertically throughout the main key shade. Yuzu Vibration A palette integrating brown and beige styles, centering on the dreary yellow including the sun which stands apart on a good autumn sunset. Enjoy dark purple color and twisted eye makeup. Sumi Spell Being focused on different grays which bring sophistication to the advantage, In this winter and fall, play with grey as a whole new nude hue. Tokyo Red Inspired by Shu Uemura's beginnings, I know black, red and white, At the facility is tabs palette which often makes use of the insignia icon style RD 163. Acquire a twist for the red which is loved as time goes by, with assorted sounds & textures, Shu Uemura's icon palette for eye makeup which will forever be loved.