Kao - Biore Moisture Jelly Refill 160Ml - 2 Types

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Extremely Moist Skin is finished by merely cleansing the face of yours. Toner, Milky solution, Moisturizing attention and also essence solution in a single. Moisture penetration & group prescription. Allow it to become dull, as soon as the texture switches suddenly, the hint of the end for the package. Despite the fact that it's a solid, it doesn't have gooey feelings. Takaru prescription. Specifically for skin which is dried out. Fragrance free. Certainly no other color. Wet Face product, milky solution, loveliness essence as well as pack after cleansing are finished with this specific person. It's a product of four bottles. Feeling to merge, will change rapidly. This's a hint of penetration & group end. It's a sticky perception with no stickiness. Moisture-rich hydrated texture will last long until the following morning. Contains Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Amino Acid (Moisturizing Component). Flavor-free / color free. How you can use: Diameter one cm bigger, in the palm of the hands of yours. Need a suitable volume in the palm of yours. From within to exterior. Use in the sale of cheek, eyes, T zone, out of the interior towards the external part of the face (by the top end for the bottom). Finishing hand journalists. While very closely adhering along with the palm, check out the moisture content state of the skin of yours.