The History Of Whoo - Gongjinhyang Gun Ja Yang Special Set 5 Pcs

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This particular set for males contains: Gongjinhyang Gun Ja Yang Skin Softener 140ml + 20ml Gongjinhyang Gun Ja Yang Lotion 100ml + 20ml Gongjinhyang Gun Ja Yang Cream 20ml Gongjinhyang Gun Ja Yang Skin Softener: This toner is especially intended for males with Hanbang system, to minimise pore as well as improve skin elasticity without becoming dry skin. The way to use: After cleansing, dispense an ample volume upon the palm as well as steady with all areas of the experience. Gongjinhyang Gun Ja Yang Lotion: A product made for males to keep skin with vivacity because of the Hanbang system. It may help keep its skin's water oil sense of balance while giving you hydration each day. How you can use: one. Following essence, dispense an abundant volume onto the palm. two. Use about face from within to out in the open on your skin feel. Dab for greater absorption.