Sana - Honey Shca All In One Serum 150Ml

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Tempura raw texture all-in-one serum of which serum builds over the skin of yours. Result in your skin of leaping embracing lots of moisture. It's exceptional penetration energy, it's refreshing comfort. Could be utilized as introduction style essence. By carefully selected royal jelly extract and also rosewater formulation with superb permeability, you are able to loads plenty for the rear side of the skin of yours (stratum corneum). three in one performance (introduction style heart, product, emulsion). two bee types derived ingredients (rose honey & raw royal jelly) components. Melting honey shoot contact doctor prescribed followed. You are able to really feel the high-class feeling that the skin of yours is brimming with plenty, having a very own doctor prescribed which often removes merely the disagreeable stickiness, as it's with the goodness of honey. Enjoyable multifunctionality. The fragrance of rose honey.