Skinmiso - Peel & Fill 2 Step Mask Pack Set 10Pcs 7G + 25G X 10Sets

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With peeling pad and also mask kit for a 2 steps pore and cleaning caring. The peeling pad has the capability to straighten out your skin impurities and also dead skin cells to be able to make you skin to take in nutrition a lot better. With White Vinegar and Willow to gets rid of used skin cells mildly and Lemon Peel to tighten up the epidermis. With Manuka Honey to fill up your skin with moisture, nutritional requirements as well as help soothing skin. The cover up kit has the capability to supply nutritional requirements as well as present pore and also skin feel looking after an awesome skin tone. Withe Green Tea Extract, Aloe Extract and Witch Hazel Extract to soothes and also hydrate epidermis while Green Tea Extract in addition to Aloe Extract in addition able to tension relieving skin. How you can use: one. Right after cleansing, wipe the face of yours with care with the shedding pad out of inner to outer along epidermis texture. two. Once the shedding pad, position the mask sheet upon the face of yours properly, staying away from eyes & mouth area. three. Try to leave on for 10 20 minutes, pat with care until the remaining heart is completely absorbed.