Kao - Curel Intensive Moisture Care Moisture Lip Care Cream - 2 Types

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Light Pink Dry as well as make the mouth of yours lifeless and also lifeless look nutritious in slightly yellow. Moisturizing hydrating ceramide useful ingredient, moist keeping ingredient created from veggie, mixed with jojoba oil (wetting agent). Penetrates plenty of horny levels of the mouth area, helps prevent bulkiness and also roughness. For good overcoat formulation, moisture content is correctly limited and also shielded from outside stimuli. Lifeless Treatment, prescription is going to show the mouth area colorization naturally. Has virtually no tar style pigment. Delicate stick style with care firmly adheres to vulnerable sensitive lips. Fragrance free. Alcohol free (no inclusion of ethyl alcoholic drinks). Colorless 2 adhesion coat prescription, 2 results to secure water within the lip solidly to protect against drying out and in addition to preserve the counter out of outside stimuli. Taking into consideration the small mouth of the stratum corneum, hydrating ingredients hydrating ceramide useful ingredient (wetting agent), wet placed ingredient created from the vegetable. Penetrate into the stratum corneum of the mouth area, boost the moisture density. Antiphlogistic (active ingredient) formulated. Keeps chapped lips & gaps. A gentle stick variety which usually firmly and gently adheres to the vulnerable mouth. How you can use: Take 2 3 mm and lightly pat the mouth of yours with a gentle touch. Pack Size - 4.2g