Kose - Clear Turn Premium Royal Gel Eye Mask 5 Pairs

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To begin with in the market, a hot heart cover up for part. Carefully selected high-class moisturizing ingredients coupled with deliciously generating moisture content. Eye which is really easy to wrinkle. Intensive proper care for mouth. Keep water. Luxury hydrating ingredients: hyaluronic acid, collagen, coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone), royal jelly extract, argan oil GL, retinol derivative (product antioxidant). The way to utilize: After cleansing the face area of yours, work with skin solution with product, etc. Place it on the eyes of yours and have as it's for aproximatelly fifteen minutes. You are able to likewise put it to use on the legitimate lines of the mouth of yours. Particularly if you're worried about drying, you are able to make use of it every day in the early morning and also evening.