Missha - Microfiber Face Cleanser 1 Pc

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It is able to assist with clean the aged chemical in the pores, get rid of the make up excess compound on the face area and capable of exfoliate. Right now there are two sides of the shoe: quick microfiber side & extended micro fibre side, each side matches to apply on requirements which are various. The gentle lengthy microfiber side is able to clear the aged things & make up continuing to be on the face area mildly. The fine very short microfiber side is able to get rid of sebum and exfoliate your skin in specific. How you can use: 1.Wet the microfiber cleanser properly. 2.Rub slowly on the location you would like for cleansing. 3.After employing, good it by water which is warm or perhaps foam face cleaner and dry off it on the airy area.