Omi - Brotherhood Menturm Medical Cream 90G

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One minute massage. Makes wet hydrate the skin of yours. It helps to keep skin which is nourishing by stopping skin which is rough, fractures and chapping at four points. Protect skin (Vitamin B2, B6, E, glycyrrhizinate dipotassium), improve circulation (massage effect), renew reasonable moisture and also oils (soy lecithin, glycerin as hydrating ingredients) to avoid skin roughness (dl - camphor). It can certainly be chosen for entire body including Zara Tsujiki, knees, etc., in the hands of raspas by hydration jobs, dried out feet and arms of rustling, heeled of tough exhausted. It results in not just moisturizing but probably essential ingredients due to the skin. How you can use: It's a fundamental massage fingering which could be performed with just the very own hands of yours. Start using adequately depending on factor. The rear, calves etc, thighs, arms, waist, palt all reas of the palm. Toes and fingers, and so on, with a thumb and also forefinger. With breasts, abdomen, etc., with 4 fingers, ring finger, middle finger, index finger, tiny finger. Understand the fist on the solid, tough part of the epidermis, for instance returned, hips, thighs, calves and also the like, as well as strode with finger nodes. Fingers, toenails, back of feet & hands, with a thumb.