Kose - Esprique W Eyebrow Liquid & Powder - 3 Types

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All-natural eyebrows with Powder and also Liquid. Solution & powdered eyebrow with fluffy pure finish although the eyebrows don't go away until the evening. Liquid: With a Koshi with a small brush, fragile eyebrow butt collections can easily be sucked a single by a single. Powder: It's an all natural finish which often doesn't keep sensation of design, which adjusts softly on the entire eyebrow. Brush: It helps to keep the flow of eyebrows thoroughly clean. Natural dyes, adopting prescription which usually conforms to pores and skin and also hair color. Eyebrow coating substance formulation, a very good cosmetics structure. Eyebrow coating substance is malic acid diisostearyl acrylate copolymer ammonium. Certainly no smell. How you can use: Draw the missing parts including fluid in the eyebrows and also buttocks. Thinner but it could be adapted to the sought-after density by overlaying. Powder to get the full eyebrow softly. Pack Size - 0.7g