Uka - Body Wash - 2 Types

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Body Wash Hug: Before a particular date, and the following day if you are wanting to relieve the anxiety of yours with the essential business presentation of yours, or even in the evening when you wish to be loaded with smooth thoughts. Mixed with essential oils like ylang ylang, mandarin orange and also I know black pepper. Body Wash Balance: At the commencement of the morning, if you wish to improve the inspiration of yours or perhaps when you need to modify the mind of yours, you've a bus time. Combine essential oils for instance peppermint, rosemary and clary sage. Body Wash Dream: At the conclusion of an extremely difficult working day. In the evening warm bath time I would like to sleep nicely by making the switch the feelings of mine. Mixed with essential oils including lavender and also frankincense. How you can use: Enjoy a full breath in the chest area of yours full of smell and also breath in the steam filled bathroom. Even while a hand wash. Pack Size - 250ml