Shiseido - Professional Aqua Intensive Caviar Essence 100Ml

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A locks beauty mixture (a procedure which doesn't wash away), in which supply parts are limited within caviar like capsules. By killer the caviar capsules incorporated into the treatment prior to putting on on the hair. The replenishment components trapped inside penetrate into the tresses heavily. Correct the harm on the hair exterior and inside, as well as follow the finger of yours. It contributes to excellent sleek tresses. Protect tresses from uv rays and also heating of hair dryer and stop split hairs and dryness. Cut hairs to preserve the hair of yours wet up for the ends. It includes a light and smooth finish. Clean and transparent fragrance with a natural eco-friendly accent on flowers which are cream prompted by the June bride's bouquet. The way to use: After drying out the towel, climb up a suitable volume in the palm of the hand of yours, massage both hands together & destroy the capsule. Could also be used on hair which is dried up. Usage amount: quite short 1 2 push or moderate 2 3 push or long 3 4 push