Kao - Biore Makeup Remover Gel 170G

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Solidly layered bottom makeup goes down without rubbing out of the backside of the pores. Proprietary technology: smooth Melty recipe that melts as well as spreads rapidly. Even without rubbing, ideal with a gentle power stroke. Beauty products is going to melt away from the backside of the pores. Each day well put together, reset for the skin. You are able to get rid of waterproof mascara. Hydrating part fifty eight % blending. Preserve the water of skin. Quite possibly in case the hands of yours and also face are damp, you are able to make use of it. Absolutely no importance to clean after rinsing. To feel the weak aroma of gray floral sensation. How you can use: Apply suited amount (aproximatelly 3cm in diameter) with beauty products, then rinse completely. When removing really hard to come down eye makeup, gently adjust therefore gel with care matches to other information and the eyelashes. In the event it runs low, transform it and eliminate it, you are able to make use of it with no waste till the end.