Kose - Astablanc W Lift Lotion - 3 Types

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Besides flexibility and also whitening impression, it results in elasticity therapy which often catapults back. Evolved astaxanthin CPX for multi faceted ageing management. Adopts Skin recognizable technological know-how which often penetrates profoundly into the stratum corneum with a new contact. Other elements and astaxanthin confined in ultra fine capsules are delivered deeply and quickly to the preferred area. Moisture spreads around, results in a firm pressure, as well as will provide you with elasticity to push it also. Makes lines caused by dryness in the eyes as well as lips inconspicuous, as well as tends to make skin which is flat with the shadows of your skin that will come using texture problem start to be transparent and bright. Features whitening active ingredients. Suppresses the manufacture of melanin as well as helps prevent freckles and spots. A short aroma of marine green floral that makes use of all-natural fragrance bergamot to get a feeling of relaxation. Pack Size - 130ml