Kanebo - Kate Secret Skin Maker Zero Foundation Spf 18 Pa++ Refill - 6 Types

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0 epidermis to add with your skin layer pore / concavo convex cover. Powder foundation. Cover experience when applied to your skin spreads without problems with the face area, closer contact. To the surface texture and this doesn't really feel the heavy covering sensation while solidly camouflaging pores of the skin and problems. Cover style unevenness including soreness. Finish as skin tones up. Basic epidermis. Accessory: with sponge. How you can utilize: Set it due to the situation as well as put it to use. Prepare the skin of yours with a makeup base prior to trying to use it. Need a suitable volume on to the sponge, uniformly on the skin away from the middle of the face area towards the outdoors. Pack Size - 9.5g