Kracie - Moistage Wrinkle Care Essence Lotion Super Moist 210Ml

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Make the wrinkles wrinkle a lesser amount of apparent. Such as the beauty heart of lotion + beauty salon higher warming lotion. Wrinkle therapy loveliness lotion: collective retinol (retinol derivative + hyaluronic acid + marine placenta + ararior esculent extract) [elasticity hydrating ingredients]. Steep hydrating heart liquid: collagen, royal jelly formulation, squalane. Great hydrated form of abundant feeling as charm essence. One-touch cap adoption. Efficacy assessment screened set large retention lotion of lotion + cosmetic alternative that enables dried out fine wrinkle proper care with retinol mixture. How you can use: Take a suitable volume in the palm of the hands of yours and slowly adapt it to all areas of the experience.