Sun Family - Mould Proof Container For Bathroom 1 Pc

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Japan-made Bio Kun miracle Mould proof box (For kitchen). Natural guidelines of specific antifungal enzyme, correctly separate the mold, the stench, stay away from the wall surfaces, floor surfaces, moldy. For bathrooms, etc, trash, closet, room, valid for 6 weeks. Japan-made, imported products, quality assurance Japan produced natural concepts, was made up of aproximatelly fifty billion microbes, an exclusive anti mildew enzyme, good decomposition due to the wall surfaces, floors or perhaps apparel mold. Very easy to work with, gently 1 may be involved in substantial deodorizing impact, all-natural mildew nemesis. Validity of about 50 % a season after opening, throughout the stormy weather conditions of summer and spring, against mildew. Secure non toxic, suited to kids which are small, the older folk have a tendency to get hypersensitive people or a house. Hong Kong's humid weather, wet not hard to mildew the living space of yours. How you can use: Put the mold verification label within the bathroom of yours for six weeks.