Excel - Powder & Pencil Eyebrow Ex - 8 Types

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With fluffy powder and also easy-to-draw pencil with pearl sensation, wonderful eyebrows with blurring result might be sucked quite easily. Considerable color advancement out of standard to trend designs, that may be selected depending on your hair and also eyes color, trendy. Intelligent feature with 3 functions. Eyebrow make quite easily with three simple steps. Elliptic primary pencils which are not difficult to get fine lines along with spaces. All too easy to use color, powder which- Positive Many Meanings- more better physically fit. Three-dimensional screw lightly brush with very soft contact. How you can use: Step one Pencil: Draw one can approximately the conclusion of the eyebrows. Step two Brush: Blurring locks collections while blurring the sucked lines. Step three Powder: Three dimensional fabulous eyebrows are full in case you install fluffy and nuance.