Naris Up - Drop Skin Care Mask 7 Pcs

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Includes seven components sheet cover up of Wormwood flower extract, aloe extract, Dokudomi extract, bamboo vinegar (moisturizing component). A gentle mask got soaked with quite a lot of essence carefully wraps your skin and directly adheres. Essence fluid penetrates totally to the stratum corneum, as well as keeps harsh skin dryness and also stickiness that you care. To smooth skin. How you can utilize: Use on skin right after cleansing. Get rid of mask one by 1 of spread as well as container very carefully. Fold back again the eye part of the mask outward. Arrange the mask with the position of the eyes and also lips, as well as carry it at the entire experience. When good care of the eyes, in close proximity the folded elements in order to go over the eyes. Following aproximatelly 5-10 minutes, peel away from the mask, permit the heart continuing to be on the epidermis of yours. Right after covering up, prepare the skin of yours with typical care.