Rohto Mentholatum - De Ou Cleansing Wash Travel 150Ml

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Thoroughly cleanses stickiness and sweat, as well as prevents the development of odors like sweat and body odor. Goal for a refreshing and clean human body with awesome maintenance power. Effectively bubbling, gel kind which usually could be used and also flushed in the location of concern. Oil drilling veil impression, the perfume wraps the smell to be anxious about, doesn't depart the odor to be anxious about the fragrance of brand new citrus herbs. to be able to stop body odor, purify the skin. How you can use: Take a suitable volume of towel or perhaps sponge which contain water which is hot, softly whip it and cleanse it, and after that rinse it all very well. It's better in case you clean it to ensure it does not foam as well as clean it immediately with the hands of yours, particularly as soon as the smell is involved.