Art Naturals - Tea Tree Oil 15Ml

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A relaxing essential oil identified to concentrate on a number of ailments as blemishes, fatigue, and stuffy ness. Sharp aroma and the invigorating from Tea Tree oil helps awaken the senses of yours as the germ fighting qualities of its wipe out unsafe blemish leading to germs. Another Australian Native, our Tea Tree Essential Oil is natural and pure coming from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree. Therapeutic grade, it might end up being made use of with shampoo and soap in face as well as body washes. Tea Tree Oil can help lower blemishes and ease skin irritation. The aroma is able to assist uplift the spirit, so much ease brain stress and cleanse the mind. Steps for usage Diffuser: Add five drops of Tea Tree, five Drops of Lavender, and two drops of Peppermint to diffuser. Sugar Scrub: cup Sugar (brown or white) glass Coconut or maybe Jojoba Oil, five drops of Tea Tree, and five drops of Lavender. Cleaning Spray: Add twenty five drops of Tea Tree, twenty five drops of Lemongrass to distilled drinking water and also grains alcohol