Canmake - Natural Chiffon Eyebrow - 3 Types

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For a sophisticated and serene appearance. Get natural looking brows with such duos of light and dark shades. Powder eyebrows with smooth finish. Will last for decades. Contains beautifying & moisturizing elements. Lasting, Soft finish. The nice particles of the Airy Powder offer a feather light texture which often generates soft looking eyebrows. A duo of dark and light shades. Use the dark and light shades to offer the brows definition of yours. You are able to likewise combine them together to build a tone which often fits you. No cost from glitter and pearl, so they re all too easy to choose. Meticulously constructed brush. The diagonal, somewhat flattened design makes it easy to state the brows of yours. The bristles can be small, so it s quick and simple to make use of still in case you've facial brows. Though it s still straightforward to manage the thickness if you want thicker brows. Take advantage of the applicator tip to state the tail of the brow & places where brow hairs are sparse. Ingredients to delight the skin of yours. Beautifying oils: Jojoba seed oil & olive fresh fruit oil. (emollient agents) Beautifying ingredients: Rosemary leaf extract, sage leaf extract (moisturizing agents). 2 types of FREE: Paraben free, scent free.