Etvos - Mineral Sheer Rouge 2G - 2 Types

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Rouge which brings together natural nutrients along with plant derived oils. Transparent texture, highlights the organic splendor of the mouth area. Brings fresh mouth with a mix of styles which make your skin layer appear stunning. Also individuals who point out that the mouth of theirs are really vulnerable that they are able to exclusively use lip balm. Carefully selected ingredients being employed. With charm ingredients, gives mouth moisture content & firmness, with no lip. Inhibits drying out as well as cracking. With plant derived oils, beauty ingredients, waxes, along with non-chemical minerals. Made solely with pigments. It attains a glossy and transparent color without making use of artificial dyes (tar colors). Silicon, surfactant, mineral oil, artificial fragrance and also preservative usually are not used. No cleansing representative needed. It's advised for anyone with skin which is vulnerable as it may be scrubbed clean with a face wash. How you can utilize: Use the mouth of yours a few times 1 day. May be employed as a base for lip beauty products.