Kuramoto Bijin - Fermented White Rice Sake Face Wash 100G

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It specializes in the teeth whitening electricity of reason cake, it's an all-in-one variety beauty face cleaner designed as a multifunctional face cleaner with higher skin impact. Made 5 functions of face cleaner, moisturizing, horny care, brightening plus packing one. Creamy and dense lather with care gets rid of dirt on your skin and outdated horny epidermis, hydrating your skin right after cleansing. It's wrapped in a pleasing aroma of spicy combination, and yes it is able to do skin and also ageing attention while cleaning the face. Fine, rich foam, foam more standing with foam soap overall use. How you can use: Wash the face of yours gently with water which is warm in advance. Think about this specific system aproximatelly one cm in the palm of the hands, mix perfectly with lukewarm drinking water. Knead with care to cleanse the foam and also clean it. Rinse completely with lukewarm water as well. You are able to clean the face of yours with a lot more frothy bubbles by making use of a lather web.