Missha - Super Aqua Ultra Hyalron Peeling Gel 100Ml

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Benefits: A shedding gel gives mild and gentle shedding to renew the skin look of yours with moisture as glowy and smooth as a peel off egg. Passed Skin Irritation Test as well as having ten kinds of Hyalron complex to offer you brightening care, moisturizing result and also offers minor protection to skin which is vulnerable. Helps enhance water saving ability of the skin of yours and come up with a moisture barrier on skin exterior to keep the moisture from spewing out as well as provides nutritional value for your skin. Hyalron debris in sizes which are different helps deep penetration and absorption of nutritional requirements from the area on the deepest level of the skin of yours to power up moisture content in every single skin layers. How you can use: one. Use modest volume on face which is dried out right after washing and lightly massage all areas of the face in circular motion and also stays away from the eye and also lip areas. two. Wash with lukewarm water.