Jill Stuart - Tuberose And Rose Hand Cream 75G

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This amazing hand product diffuses over the hand of yours with a compacted contact like melting by way of a luxurious experience of use because of the superior penetration of its. Rejuvenating hydrating result penetrates as well as helps to protect easy-to-dry skin by wrapping while softly loosening up. Hence producing soft and smooth hands. Hydrating ingredients, including the white strawberry extract, calendula extract, and then damask rose extract, along with emollient ingredients, like mango seed motor oil, wild rose extract, rosehip motor oil, and shea butter are mixed together. By talking about the counter with emollient motor oil, a springy and soft texture skin is going to be furnished. In the modern and clean view of JILL STUART RELAX, a romantic design spread out with flowers, including roses, based mostly on yellow. It's a brilliant cut silver cap. Flagrance of rose and tuberose. Tips on how to Use: Put a suitable volume on the palm of yours and work it into the hands of yours. Pack Size - 75g