Salon De Bi Joie - Moisture Foot Mask 1 Pair

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Luxury at home, botanical Placenta Este. Foot to foot, it's a foot mask chock-full beauty essence. Ingredient combination to provide moisture to do the texture. It's a foot mask that consists of essence for the heel. Ingredients to enhance consistency and moisturize. One serving of both legs of eighteen mL of charm essence. How you can use: Separate the feet mask with line was cut by the middle. Place a foot mask on the washed legs. The mask features a double framework. Place the feet of yours in the non woven fabric impregnated with attractiveness elements within. Place aproximatelly twenty minutes. Alter the use phase based on the amount of dryness of skin. Apply to the entire foot like rubbing the excess liquid on the epidermis. Right after taking off the mask, cleaning is needless.