Miseensc Ne - Shining Essence Perfume Hair Color - 8 Colors #6C Natural Maroon Brown

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This course is made up of: Hairdye 50g Oxidizing Agent 50g Treatment 6ml Benefits: A lotion style hair dye for coloring grey locks of fifteen mins with floral aroma. Has pearl proteins, cation polymer and also silicone which usually nourish as well as protect locks from injury, rendering vibrant hair and smooth even when it's after hair dyeing. How you can use: one. Apply argan oil booster on hair. two. Add the full no.1 can in to the no.2 bottle, then simply close up the lid securely and shake. three. Use the blend on your hair and hold on for 20 40 minutes. four. Wash the blend with shampoo and also lukewarm water. five. Use the most perfect Repair Treatment on rub and also hair the head of yours. After that, wash completely with lukewarm water.