Kose - Visee Avant Lipstick - 25 Types

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Done with style choice and also shear sort. It's a lipstick with a moderate mouth that anybody appears back with one layer and also abundant coloring. Color-developing type: While distributing effortlessly, it'll be colored thickly with just one coat. Added four styles to broaden the number of expression. Shear type: Color with transparency. A whole new glitter texture is included. You are able to like the nuance change with the colored variety. Quite possibly in case it's one single color or perhaps 2 colors will be put to use alongside one another, a combination is infinite. You are able to meet up with the expressions you would like to be and also the mysterious ones. It's a creamy consistency as well as is usually implemented without getting found in the mouth area. Has beauty heart components. Try to give moisture content for the mouth as well as keep it from drying. Fragrance free. Pack Size - 3.5g