Timeless Skin Care - Vitamin B5 Serum Refill 120Ml / 4 Fl Oz

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The B5 of ours is little, oil free hydrating serum enriched with hyaluronic acid to file and also revitalize the skin. It's mostly recognized for the treatment of skin injury. Skin taken care of with Vitamin B5 yields more significant elasticity, a lot less scarring and much faster regeneration. This will make it very effective in making an effort to alleviate and also cure epidermis exposed to sunburn, allergies and insect bites. Application: Apply 2 3 drops to fingertips and sleek upon cleansed epidermis morning and evening. Established Ingredients: Vitamin B5 - Potent moisturizer, anti inflammatory, and outstanding wound healing ingredient. Combined with hyaluronic acid, it will make among the best moisturizing serums out there. Hyaluronic acid - Among the most highly effective hydrating and also moisturizing ingredients sold these days. Has a maximum of thousand times the weight of its in water. One % HA is consists o by this serum.