Chantilly - Sweets Sweets Shiny Dolce Shadow - 6 Types

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4-color eye shadow such as smooth brownies with brand new cream. Finish with sophisticated gloss the feeling with okay particle pearl formulation. Combines skin friendly loveliness substances (honey, apple extract, orange juice extract (moisturizing ingredient)) luxuriously. The skin result usually lasts as you insure that it is. With mirror. Certainly no smell. The way to use: From the lower left, cream foundation. Top left, highlight color. The top right, the key color. Lower right, line color. Allow it to become therefore the lotion foundation- Positive Many Meanings - in the bottom level left is put with the hands of yours through the eye gap. Fluffy in the top of left highlight color with a huge tip and place it under the eyebrows. Blur the principle color of the top of right away from the eye's crease to the eye opening with a major chip. Spot the lower right model color in the eye's crease with a tiny tip. Position the highlight style of the top of left to aproximatelly 2/3 from the eyes of the eyelids, position the series style of the lower directly to aproximatelly 1/3 from the corner of the eyes.