Dr.ci:labo - Vc 100 Gel 80G

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By the well known VC100 collection, a gel that contains permeation style vitamin C derivative is available nowadays. Aging proper care of charm component 98.1 % gel. The solid gel blends in to the skin and melts, smoothing and tightening the skin. For tightening, texture, gloss, firmness, and hydrated skin. Sea-Derived placenta and the fullerene (epidermis training ingredient) approaches skin conditions that change with age, as well as prepares lustrous epidermis. Adlay seed extract (epidermis training ingredient) smoothes skin. three collagen types, three kinds of hyaluronic acid, three forms of ceramide. Penetrates each corner of the stratum corneum, providing a bouncy tension. Sole task of product, cream, eye cream, serum, emulsion, kit and also cosmetics base. The way to use: After cleansing the face of yours, have a suitable volume (aproximatelly two pearls in the early morning along with one cherry in the evening) and then distribute it through the entire face of yours. Finish by wrapping the entire face of yours with the palm of yours.