Jumiso - Jumiso 2Nd Anniversary Promotion Set (Limited Edition) 11Pcs 1 Set (11 Pcs)

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JUMISO launches a promotion ready for celebrating the second Anniversary of its. The JUMISO second Anniversary Promotion Set contains: - Yes, I'm Toner AHA five % 1pc - Have A very good Cream Snail & Centella 1pc - First Skin Lightening Mask 5pcs - Eco Bag 1pc - Mirror 1pc - Diary 1pc - T Shirt 1pc Yes, I'm Toner AHA five %: Formulated with AHA to get rid of old skin cells for a clean skin tone. Have A very good Cream Snail & Centella: Infused with Centella Asiatica Extract to diminish spots and hyperpigmentation, as well as smoothen skin feel. Very first Skin Lightening Mask: Contains salmon egg extract of which high in vitamin A, C making your skin a lot more radiant.