So Natural - Facial Design Pink Mud Mask 14G X 1Pc

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Benefits: The cover up sheet sticks just perfectly satisfies the contour of the experience of yours when it dries. Infused with yellow mud and volcanic ash to mop up surplus sebum, harmful particles stopped up within pores, and particles. Has naturally derived ingredients to nourish and also hydrate skin for a revitalized overall look. How you can use: one. Take away the top section of the mask as well as peel from the transparent film. two. Place it upon the top of section of the face. three. Take away the lower part of the mask as well as peel from the transparent film. four. Place it upon the lower part of the face. five. Allow the top portion along with the lower part overlap with each and every other. six. Leave for 40 50 minutes until the mask thoroughly dries. seven. Keep the top portion and also bottom part gently and together remove the mask from the face area of yours from the side area first. eight. Rinse off of any residue with lukewarm drinking water.