Isehan - Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Fiber On 2Way Eyebrow - 2 Types

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It's two option eyebrow of pencil and also powder that is possible to bring. Hefty pencil: Smooth and sucked be, thick or thin, you are able to easily. It helps to keep the eyebrowsuit that is really easy to vanish with a strong prescription formidable against sweat, sebum, kneading for decades. Fiber in powdered: Powder is started up to pack the missing section of your hair. Blend of fiber and also nuance pearl conclude it straight into a cubic eyebrow. Gentle coloring: Adaptable and flexible to the epidermis, soft coloration. Extended finish keeps: Fix petroleum and also sebum taking in powder formulation to stop make up collapse. Eyebrows which rolls on the heart fluid ingredients. How you can use: Draw contours and also eyebrows with pencil. Draw a powder application to fill up the small element of the hair. If perhaps you blur the entire slowly with a powder application, it'll be completed softly.