The Saem - Luesthe Modeling Pot #Aloe 25G 25G

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A groundbreaking modeling mask which quickly results in the visual appeal of revived seal along with epidermis of moisture for lasting hydration. Mixed with aloe, hyaluronic acid, and tea tree extract to relax and also moisturize skin which is vulnerable broken by exterior irritants. Leaves a cooling feeling that will ease stressed skin and even relax the brain of yours. How you can use: one. Lift the center of the stand up pouch's bottom and shake the bag by getting the seal to see to it that the powdered drops to the bottom. two. Open the package and remove the spatula. three. Pour water which is cold into the bag approximately the series, and then mix for 2 3 minutes until the system gets thicker. four. Lightly spread the formula on the whole face making use of the supplied spatula. Gets going out of the jaw, easily spread in upward strokes. five. Try to leave on for 15 20 minutes. six. to be able to clear away the mask, lift off and also wash away any excess. seven. Apply major skincare merchandise for a finish.