Missha - Bee Pollen Renew Skincare Set 4 Pcs

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This particular Bee Pollen Renew Skincare Set contains: Bee Pollen Renew Ampoule Skin 150ml + 30ml Bee Pollen Renew Moisturizer 130ml + 30ml Benefits: This set consists of items from Bee Pollen Line which in turn engineered with thirty % of Bee Pollen extract. This kind of Ampoule Skin helps hydrate and also soothe skin which is dried out with nourishment. This kind of Moisturizer is a revitalizing solution that enables improve skin's water oil sense of balance while greatly moisturizes and then soothes the dried out skin of yours. How you can use: one. At the initial phase of skincare regime every evening and morning, you cna put on a modest degree of Pat and ampoule Skin lightly with the bright hands of yours for absorption. two. Put on a modest degree of Moisturizer along the skin feel of yours. Pat with care for absorption.