Kracie - Ichikami Natural Care Select Moist Hair Pack 180G

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Prescription which utilized meticulously selected naturally derived ingredients at ninety % or over (including water). Repair - lustrous ingredients High attentiveness Repair Natural Oil blending. hundred % natural fragrance start using high-class scent Moist is a perfume of brand new citrus floral. Proper care for your skin as well as hair hypersensitive to outside tension (drying as well as friction), to a gentle finger street as efficiently as it can be. Artificial color free, Salgate free (sulfuric acid style surfactant not used). The way to use: After washing, gently drain off, allow the proper volume blend in to the hair, rinse after 1 2 minutes. Advise you to make use of it in Natural Care Select Moist Series. Particularly if you're worried about bruising, employing medication prior to hair pack is much better. Turn the cap and eliminate it, you are able to make use of it with no waste.