Slim Walk - Compression Pantyhose With Supporting Function For Pelvis - 2 Types

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Internal thigh gap makeup structure which generates a longing gap by taking the inner thigh. Thin and slender with a great experience of sheer fifty denier. Slim and slim with the whole Support Design which tends to make your stomach, pelvis, and hips clear. Four-stage stress structure. The level pressure appearance of the ankle joint 21hPa, patent 16hPa, thigh 11hPa 10hPa will steadily pull the thigh from the ankle joint. Leg lift system with level stress structure born from European leg therapy. Lighten the thighs and legs of yours with a design and style which often reduces stress as you go higher on from the ankle joint. Thinner and superbly arranged. Antibacterial deodorization processing. One way to be able to use: To protect against electric transmission along with blurring. Just before use, even your pumps and limbs and take away the rings. Don't bring up the nails of yours or perhaps take them up at a time. Place the toes of yours for the suggestion. Position the label on the rear (butt side). Take approximately the ankle joint. Position the thumbs of both hands within, and guide them hardly any by little symmetrically. Raise one leg at any given time. The strong support of its, take up gradually with extreme care. Take up to ensure that there's zero gap in the crotch, and after that pull up consistently for the waist. Lift up the hip away from the thigh and set it inside the hip. When there's a gap in the crotch, reduced it with regard to the ankle joint and after that lift up it all over again. Size S M: position 145-160cm, hips 80-93cm, thigh 45-53cm, patent 32 38cm, ankle 19 23cm M L: position 150 165cm, hips 85 98cm, thigh 50 60cm, patent 36 42cm, ankle 21 25cm If equally M-L and also S-M are relevant, pick the size which is closer to the median level.