Covermark - Jusme Color Essence Foundation Liquid Spf 30 Pa++ - 12 Types

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A long lasting basic foundation to keep a clear finish. Actually leaves skin soft, concealing pores, dullness & scarred tissues even when it's on combination skin. Take out following makeup base. Shake the box 2 or even 3 times with the cap sealed. Think about a couple of drops of footing onto sponge and very carefully spread out outwardly together face muscles. to be able to create a lot of coverage, reapply the cornerstone after some time. Since the foundation spreads very easily, you cna put on in quantities which are small. Use similar color based finishing powdered after that to keep dullness as well as hold a smooth silky exterior. Glides on efficiently while concealing dullness and pores of the skin. Leaves dry and sticky skin be soft, smooth and fresh. Keeps runny cosmetics by dealing with stickiness and shininess, as well as helps to keep bright and clear skin the whole day. Has natural water to hydrate skin while tightening pores of the skin. Keeps dark spots as well as freckles induced by UV rays. Fragrance free. Pack Size - 25ml