Kobayashi - Ammeltz Cura-Heat Patch For Neck & Shoulder Pain 2 Pcs

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Air-activated patch produces an averages forty C all-natural healing heat which fast enters into the impacted areas continually for ten hours, effectively relieves shoulder pain and neck, muscle tissue stiffness and tiredness. Distinctive U shaped design let it ti adhere firmly and fitly to apparel near each rear side and also sides of the shoulders as well as the neck. It assures the healing heat to radiate in the impacted areas and penetrate to the reason for discomfort. Successfully helps bring about blood circulation, relives discomfort as well as relaxes stressed muscles and stiff, increase mobility. Fragrance free, non medicinal, without having side impact, appropriate for individuals that are sensitive to drugs. Discreet and thin spot, ideal to make use of anyplace. How you can utilize: Only tear opening the sachet when you're prepared to choose. Tear opening the sachet by hands (do not cut) and remove the heating patch. Take away the slim film, adhere the heating plot towards the external part of the clothes or perhaps underwear in the bottom of the neck. Don't knead the item, it's air activated, it warms up slowly and reaches top high temperature inside thirty minutes.