Clay Esthe - Pack Ex Refill 500G

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This's a hair solution kit which often absorbs and then gets rid of sebum and dirt of scalp and hair, and helps to keep hair and scalp thoroughly clean. It refreshes cleanly with a gentle relaxing experience, and is concerned for damaged an important part of the hair of yours. Right after implementing, you are able to feel like the hair style of yours is hydrated with all-natural gloss. Containing Natural clay, Deep drinking water mineral, Glucosyl hesperiin (for Moisturizing), Cationized Wheat (for affect care), Hydrolyzed silk, and eight sorts of plant based extract. The way to use: After washing their hair, dried out gently the hair of yours with a soft towel, as well as add correct volume on to the hair follicles & hair, and then massage gently. Comb to ideas of the hair style of yours, and depart for nearly five minutes. Masssage scalp with care, and rinse the mask but make sure you don't clean away very much. Keep texture which is smooth and also smoothness of brushing the hands of yours through the hair of yours throughout rinsing.