Canmake - Lasting Liquid Liner - 3 Types

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A affluent black which usually sharpens up the contours of the eyes of yours. Replying to the prayers of yours for an eyeliner which will not work. An ultra fine solution eyeliner developed to last. stands up to sweat, clean water & rubbing. Quick-drying system stands up to clean water, sebum, sweat, & rubbing. Created to stand up to clean water, sweat, sebum, & rubbing, it will not run quickly, so your make up is looking as original as it did in the early morning. Produces a model which will not come off very easily, even in case you employ an eyelash curler upon using the eyeliner of yours. Goes on super smoothly. Firm-yet-pliable 0.1mm ultra fine tip. Draws wonderful lines, both equally fine and bold. The ultra fine recommendation helps it be great for filling in spaces in between specific lashes & flicking up the eyeliner of yours in the outside sides of the eyes of yours. High-color pigment. The high color system helps ensure greatest opacity by way of one program, creating crisp, lines which are clear. Very easy to eliminate, so it s kind to the eyes of yours. Stands up to clean water, & rubbing, sebum, sweat, yet comes off very easily with water which is warm. Has beautifying products. Hydrating agents: Dog rose rosehip extract, sodium hyaluronate, panthenol, succinoyl atelocollagen.