Memebox - Im Meme Im Tic Toc Lipstick Satin #009 Nude Romper 1.5G

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I am MEME I am Tic Toc Lipstick Satin is a button type, heart shaped lipstick which often features a satin finish with good color. #009 Nude Romper is an all natural brown. A heart contour lipstick compilation comes with ten colors, which range from nude camel, cherry red to burgundy. Vivid, lasting colour payoff with a satin finish is prints ou by intense pigmentation. How you can use: Click to dispense the proper amount of lipstick. Outline the organic advantage of the mouth area with the help of the tip. Fill out the essential segment complete for one bold look. Or even use lightly out of the essential lip in the outside lip line as for making gradation.