Orbis - Timeless Fit Foundation Uv Refill Spf 30 Pa+++ 11G - 6 Types

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A UV slice base (refill) delivered out of the notion of reversing, laying on sebum, and that is the principle root cause of beauty products loss, to friends. Sebum is held by the powder as well as gets hard it, and after that it's coated with amino acids. It's difficult to stop working as sebum is launched, along with skin which is smooth stays for ten hours. It's a mild finish without solid layer or any powderiness, as well as offers an attractive finish with a sensation of a feeling and bare skin of breathing comfortably. Oil drilling totally free from oxidization. No UV absorber. Instance sold by itself. was screened by water opposition. Though the look color seems dimly lit, the tone when put on on the epidermis is identical as various other foundations.