Ishizawa-Lab - Keana Mens Mask 10 Pcs

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Even though do the most effective to clean up face, focus on intensive proper care for five minutes with pillow skin pores with a sheet cover up. It solidly hydrates and then pulls pores skin with care. Consist of hyaluronic acid and collagen to provide flexibility and moisture content. Additionally, Camomile as well as loofima Extract extract make skin really feel slippery. How you can utilize: Use for cleaning skin right after cleansing (You are able to put it to use still after making the skin of yours with lotion). Pick up and disperse very carefully therefore the mask can't be broken off out of the bag with hands which are clean. First arrange the seat to the role of the eyes, then the mouth role and next carry it at the entire experience. Leave as it's for aproximatelly five mins, in that case lightly can be removed. The remaining essence alternative on your skin needs to be useful when put on by hand. Pack Size - ten pcs