Kose - Phil Naturnt Moisture Wash 140G

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A facial cleanser which removes dirt and grime while preserving the moisture of the skin of yours. Foam is excellent and also minimizes the concern of friction throughout face washing. It results in flexible skin brimming with moisture. Take in the early morning and evening. Facial cleansing cream with moisture as well as emollient ingredients. Rich and creamy foam carefully wraps skin which is delicate and cleans up skin which is smooth while moisturizing. Certainly no fragrance, paraben free, no coloring, alcoholic drinks (ethyl alcohol) gratis. How you can make use of: Use for experience washing in the early morning as well as evening. Right after wetting the palm and face area, weigh 2cm, mix perfectly with a minimal quantity of lukewarm water or perhaps water. Softly wash the face such as a massage. Following that, rinse completely. Don't use whether it doesn't fit the skin of yours.