Dr.phamor - Cera Solution Plus Repair Mask Set 10Pcs 33Ml X 10Pcs

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A skin restoring mask is loaded with plentiful moisturizing and also nutrient rich components for a glorious, youthful looking complexion. Features a twin aspect cleansing pad (step one), that infused with lavender oil, grapefruit extract, along with any other plant-based extracts, slowly removing dead skin cells and harmful particles. The restoring cover up (step two) is enriched with ceramide NP, adenosine and niacinamide to improve skin's barrier while decreasing the physical appearance of lines as well as facial lines. How you can use: one. Take away the cleaning pad away from the move one offer. Lightly wash the face of yours with the delicate side, and then repeat the process with the embossed side. two. Wash the face area of yours after use. three. Take out the sheet cover up away from the phase two deal, and set it on the face area of yours, staying away from the eye and also lip areas. four. Take away the sheet after 15 20 minutes, moreover gently pat to help absorption.