Jayjun - Snow Mask Pack 10 Pcs - 2 Types

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Vita Snow Mask Pack: It's an emulsion style mask kit which helps to keep the skin smooth of yours as well as hydrated by slowly sinking in to the skin. It helps to keep the balance between drinking water and oil of your skin layer with outstanding moisturizing oils like squalane, shea butter and also macadamia seed oil together with additional moisturizing products. By with Sheep placenta extract as well as vitamin complexes, it feeds and then brightens the skin of yours as well as the a variety of moisturizing ingredients benefit keeping your skin hydrated for some time now. Gold Snow Black Mask: High quality facial foundation maks for worn out skin to ease, improve and also vitalize. The cover up kit that contains clean gold soothes inflamed skin and also really makes it bright and clear by offering power to tired skin. A magnificent mask kit which additionally is made up of Black Peal First Repair Serum which provides abundant quantity of nutrients and moisture to the skin of yours and also helps to keep it resilient and moisturized for a lengthy time period. Jayjun Gold Snow Black Mask 25ml x five desktop pcs Jayjun Black Pearl First Repair Serum 1ml x five pcs The right way to use: After cleansing, climb up the mask sheet completely and slap on it consistently throughout the face of yours. Peel cover up from face after twenty to thirty mins and carefully pat the left over heart onto the face of yours.